We are a company dedicated to the international distribution of seafood products. We provide a complete range of products and services in the fishing sector. We are environmentally friendly and has a solid knowledge of the market, based on the control of the production process, technology and its staff highly qualified.

We offer a large variety of seafood products under the highest quality standards to meet the needs of the international market and works with professionalism in trade agreements.

Nexus Business International SRL was founded in 2004 with an activity based on the export of seafood for a select portfolio of customers in more than 20 countries in the world, being our main market West Africa and Asia.

We operate under HACCP system including the design, implementation and auditing of permanent control, integrated production structure, sanitary hygienic
conditions in processing plants, operators, production in process and finished product.

Our main objective is to maintain our company in permanent expansion in order to comply with international demands, with excellent quality products.
It is achieved with a continuous and rigorous testing process as well as an uninterrupted cooling chain, which guarantees the highest quality seafood products for consumers in international markets.

Hakemerluza-f Yellow Croakercorvina-rubia-f Seatrout
White Croaker
Red Snapper besugo-f Argentine Sea Bass mero-f King Weakfishpescadilla-real-f Black Drumcorvina-negra-f
Mackerelcaballa Kingklip abadejo-f Horse Mackereljurel-f Blue Whitingbacadilla-f
Herringarenque-f Argentine red shrimplangos Argentine Squidcalamar-f Rajidae Familyraya