Nexus Business International SRL was founded in 2004 with an activity based on the international distribution of food products for a select portfolio of customers in more than 20 countries in the world, being our main market West Africa and Asia.

NEXUS Beef is a division dedicated to the marketing of frozen beef from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.

NEXUS Beef works with processing plants who constantly invest to achieve the highest quality in its processes, by incorporing systems such as HACCP, SOPS, GMP, ISO, BRC
and other certifications (Halal) that allows the industry to continue to gain market share in the world meat market.

NEXUS Beef, which is strategically located in the middle of livestock producing regions, has always cared about the quality of its products. Strengthened by our long experience, it relies on producers who can guarantee a good quality, reliable and sufficiently diversified supply to meet our customer´s need.

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