Nexus Business International SRL is an agro industrial group that is constantly looking for excellence, specialization and innovation. We are strategically located in Argentina and Brazil, with the best team of professionals and we have more than 20 years’ experience in the international sales. We are based in South America because it’s a natural resource-rich area, very competitive in the production chain of agroindustry products.

NEXUS Animal Feed is a division dedicated to the marketing of all type of animal feed: from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Perú and Brazil.

NEXUS Animal Feed have a solid experience in all type of animal feed: poultry, dairy, pork, horses, fish, etc. We offer products for the optimum nourishment of animals with complete nutritive and natural properties than achieve a high nutrition value.

Our pre-shipment inspection department ensures that products comply with agreed quality standards and volumes to ensure excellency during the whole process, from production to shipment.

Soyabean meal based blend
Feather mealfeather-f Meat and bone meal
Fish meal
Blood meal
Refined glycerin
Soybean lecithin
Fish soluble concentrate
Sweet whey powder